Simple, secure and convenient

A simple and secure KYC solution that saves businesses time and delivers a more convenient onboarding experience. 

Saving time and money for you and your clients

ID-Pal is the complete solution for meeting your KYC requirements.

ID-Pal enables businesses to capture, verify and store their customers’ information simply, securely and conveniently using our ID-Pal app and web portal.

So, how does ID-Pal work?

Inform your client that KYC checks are now being done remotely via the ID-Pal app.

Your client downloads the ID-Pal app, which can be presented in your brand, and follows the simple on-screen process for capturing relevant ID documentation.

Businesses use the ID-Pal web portal to run a suite of manual and technical checks to confirm the documentation is valid.


Upon completion, a Customer Due Diligence report is generated and stored on the secure web portal, which is accessible 24/7.

And that’s it… your simple, secure and convenient alternative to manually processing KYC information, saving time and money for both you and your clients.